Does our future belong to AI (owners)?

Many people talk about ChatGPT these days. For those who are interacting with GPT for the first time, it is surprisingly impressive. Let me tell you the story of a real golden hat from around 3000 years ago.

A few years ago I took this picture from Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin. A distinguished golden hat stood alone under a spotlight. It seemed special. Apparently whoever had this half-a-kilo that would have some kind of prophecy to forecast seasons, time of harvesting or planting and much more. The Berlin Gold Hat is an around 0.5 kg gold hat with a long conical shaft and a differentiated convex foot, decorated all over with some traced motifs. It is hammered seamlessly from a single piece and is around .7 m tall with an average thickness of around 1 cm. The cone is ornamented with 21 zones of horizontal bands and rows of symbols and was decorated using 14 different stamps and three decorated wheels or cylindrical stamps. Near the reinforcing bronze band, the foot turns into a brim, also decorated with disk-shaped symbols.

Berlin Gold Hat – copyright © 2022 Iman Zolanvari

Whoever had this half-a-kilo gold-made hat, would get some kind of prophecy to forecast seasons, time of harvesting or planting and much more. While this seems a miracle or gift that governors usually pass to their chosen successor, they taught astronomical science to them. Those symbols on the hat are not just aesthetic decorations. They represent a lunisolar calendar. Those signs indicate dates or periods in both lunar and solar calendars which were crucial for uneducated farmers as their life where depended highly on the calendar.

In our world, one of the real power is large language models. They are knowledgeable and whoever can harness this power, will rule the future.